Hertha BSC still made it. With a 2-0 win over Hamburger SV, the Berliners remain top notch. That much is clear. A lot of other things, actually almost everything, is in flux and will probably keep the club busy for a few more weeks. Hertha not only needs a new coach, there are also many other important personal details that are still unclear, and that doesn’t just apply to the squad of the professional team.

It now seems to be more than just a rumor that Werner Gegenbauer’s time as president of the association will come to an end after 14 years – regardless of whether he is voted out of office on Sunday at the general meeting or not. It has long been doubtful that Gegenbauer will even take part in the vote.

There could be changes not only in the executive committee, but also in the management. Fredi Bobic, who came from Frankfurt only a year ago and is seen by many as a beacon of hope for a better future, is now heavily criticized for putting together the professional squad. can he stay does he want to stay He himself has not yet made a clear statement on this. What is certain, however, is that Bobic’s colleague Ingo Schiller will stop at Hertha. This has been confirmed to the Tagesspiegel by the club.

Schiller’s contract, which was last extended in August 2019, will be terminated – by mutual agreement, it is said. However, the initiative for the separation is said to have come from Schiller and is not directly related to the current sporting misery. The decision had already been made when Hertha’s rescue seemed just a matter of form.

The 56-year-old will therefore have his last major public appearance on Sunday when he will, as usual, give an account of the club’s economic situation at the general meeting and present the financial planning for the coming season. Most recently, he announced in January: “We are currently in a good position to master the challenges of the future.” Hertha was not only able to significantly reduce liabilities, but also tripled equity. This puts the club in the top three in Germany.

This is primarily due to Lars Windhorst’s investment. It was Schiller who had established contact with the entrepreneur. Through his company Tennor, Windhorst has provided the club with a total of 374 million euros since the summer of 2019, thereby acquiring 64.7 percent of the shares in Hertha BSC limited partnership. However, the relationship between the investor and the club was not without friction from the start. And recently not at all. Windhorst recently – at least indirectly – also attacked Schiller with his statement that he would also like to know what actually happened to all his money.

Hertha’s CFO will now no longer be able to pursue another important project: the construction of a club-owned stadium, which he has repeatedly described as essential for the club’s future. “We want and will strengthen the economic power of Hertha BSC with this project,” he said at the general meeting in January.

It has not yet been finally clarified when exactly his work for Hertha will end. Schiller will remain in office until the financial statements for the 2021/22 financial year have been certified. That will happen in the fall. Born in Essen, he worked for the club for almost a quarter of a century. He came from Borussia Mönchengladbach in 1998 and has been CFO since July 2001.