Showbiz On Tuesday, the 5th of november, exactly 50 days before christmas, the company launched radio station, Joe is a digital radio station: “Joe’s Christmas. And, as the name reveals it all: in this channel you will hear throughout the day, but we. The transmitter is a festive work, presented dj Nov Support of his colleagues to make a real christmas dinner, with santa claus.

people Who do not want to wait until it’s christmas day, it is, for Joe, for a great dose of christmas carols. Since Tuesday, running the digital channel, Joe Christmas, a 24-hour a day christmas music. To mark the occasion, the Joe-the dj’s, immersed in a suitable atmosphere. Jan Bosman’s turned out to Kerstjan and treated his colleagues to make a real dinner, with tots, apples, and cranberries, and roasting. For the occasion, as were the guests, by the way, is also festively dressed up in the heart of the kersttruien.

by Joe Christmas, you can listen to it via DAB+, Joe).be, Joe-the app and the radio player to the system.