In pre-revolutionary mansion on Sretensky Boulevard missing historic door

a Large fine will pay the HOA, which manages the apartment house of an insurance society “Russia” on Sretensky Boulevard. He is considered one of the most beautiful buildings built before the revolution in Moscow. The company decided that the front door is in need of restoration, and brought it out. After that antique sash disappeared. Where now to find a way out?

the apartment house of an insurance society “Russia” on Sretensky Boulevard resembles a medieval castle. On the facade — bats, crocodiles, gargoyles and chimeras. Has its own clock tower — incidentally, they go so far.

“there’s a mixture of everything and the house looks very rich. And, in General, on the one hand and eclectic, maybe a little too eclectic. But it’s so well blended into the image of Moscow that we all love has for a hundred years,” says Chairman of the Moscow architectural society, Professor of the Moscow architectural Institute Boris Uborevich-Borovsky.

the Seven-story building built in 1902-m project of the European architect Otto von Dessin in the spirit of the late Renaissance with elements of Gothic architecture. Over the front doors of the Catholic cathedrals, the round window in the form of blossoming roses.

here, see how small plastic and so on. And even be seen by the Central part is also an element of the Cathedral. Some arches, columns.

the House is almost 120 years. Despite this impressive time, true there are a lot. For example, wooden doors in two entrances. But a few weeks ago the management organisation — TSZH — started to repair. The door to one of the entrances dismantled and replaced with a new one.

“This door is more simple. These are all the elements of this architecture, and without it a house cannot exist. Replace the door — all, this architecture will not be”, — said Boris Uborevich-Borovsky.

After the scandal in the HOA stated that the historical door dismantled temporarily, and a new one is almost a copy of one hundredRoy made on special order for half a million rubles.

“the Door, which stood originally, was in disrepair, was torn off loop. The door was disassembled to work on its restoration”, — said the chief engineer of TSZH Michael Klebanov.

the Historic door was put out at the entrance. And long she stood for — was kidnapped. Unknown loaded her into the car and drove away.

Is the fragment of that door, which disappeared. Missing two pieces, this is the third fragment, which by some chance was not on the street, in a building, and survived.

House insurance company “Russia” is the object of cultural heritage of Federal importance. Any work must only be carried out after consultation with the Department of cultural heritage. They explained that the repairs to the porch of TSZH conducted illegally.

“At present the works are suspended by order of the Department. Criminal case concerning an administrative offense, also issued an order to return the door to its original place and about carrying out the restoration of a specified input group,” — said the head of the territorial control of the Department of cultural heritage of Moscow Oleg tone.

homeowners will pay a fine up to five million rubles depending on the damage caused to the cultural heritage. And the door itself has not yet been found. Upon theft the police checks.

Text: “to Conduct-Moscow”