In Moscow hospital, offered to parents to monitor children via webcam

a Moscow hospital first in the country offered to parents of young patients a new service to watch their children via Webcams. The broadcast is 24 hours a day. The new system has already earned in intensive care units where premature infants.

easy To use: small Dan says hi to my dad, who is now away for thousands of kilometers. Baby’s weight at birth was three pounds. Three months in intensive care, he has gained 2.5 kgs. And all this time the kid literally grew up in front of their parents in the incubator has established a web camera. Now the parents are watching the son at a distance: dad on the phone, mom out of the house on TV.

“Very well, what you can bring to the big screen. As soon as I come home, I immediately include. Miss it very much. He can handle stretch, to look into the camera, like he feels that I’m watching him,” — says Vlad Mussin.

put only with the permission of the attending physician. Online stream you can open by clicking on individual links, on any mobile device, computer and TV. This video nanny working for free, around the clock and without weekends.

Tamerlane — a young dad. The phone does not release the hands for a second. Even on the way to work, not looking away from the screen.

– Not sleeping! Eyes open, he is very cheerful tonight.

six months ago, the boy was born premature, he was placed in the incubator. To visit the child while it does not always work. Dad at work and mom is on a business trip.

“Before you go to work and I think that it makes your child how he feels. Worry worry. Now you can watch him and feel that you’re near” — says Tamerlane Butaev.

Share the link to the broadcast and relatives. But to take screenshots from the screen and publish them on the Internet — is a medical mystery. In the firstintalnim the centre now has established only a few cameras. The new service was pleasant not to all parents.

“Many families to it are not psychologically ready. Honestly talking about it, and refuse from this service. They are actually easier to come. But such a possibility at the moment is,” explains Valery Gorev, chief freelance specialist-neonatologist of the Department of health of Moscow.

In the future the camera will be available in other clinics and hospitals in Moscow. It is planned that the CCTV system will connect approximately 150 intensive care incubators.

Text: “to Conduct-Moscow”