In Moscow has opened a center Dr. Lisa

In the capital, opened today in the center of Dr. Lisa — women who devoted themselves to helping those who got into difficult life situation. Three years ago she died in a plane crash, but many continue selfless followers of a noble cause.

the Bathrobe of Dr. Lisa (one of those in which she went to the Donbass, in Syria), her medical bag (with him was during the flood in Krymsk, and when forest fires across Russia in 2010) and the touching “mom” on the card.

“For someone, of course, she was a doctor, but for many she was a mother, they called her mom. Said mother came, especially when homeless. And just this spirit, I think, is gone,” says Gleb Glinka, husband of Elizabeth Glinka, Chairman of the Board of the Foundation “Dr. Lisa”.

the birthday of Dr. Lisa — the opening of the center in her name. In the halls of the new exhibition about the history of aid and charity, and in the offices of the Foundation — work without stopping. Dinner: every Thursday and Saturday there is the rally in the square of three stations.

– There we feed the homeless.

On the desktop are pictures of children, which Dr. Lisa saved in the Donbass. Help them put it was impossible, no equipment, no qualified doctors. Then Elizaveta Glinka evacuated nearly 400 children.

Her humanitarian mission continues Fund. Next to the folder with the personal Affairs of families, which involved every minute. Help — every day.

“It could be a single mom with two teenagers. His mother (true story) blind, she can’t find work. And now we’re waiting for will come to us Dan Gorlinsky from Lugansk — he Oncology. Here in Burdenko we were able to punch him chemistry”, — says Natalya Avilova, Director of the Foundation. Elizabeth Glinka “Dr. Lisa”

the New center will not only be a Museum of memory, but also an educational facility: first aid courses, for the care of seriously ill, lectures on the work in emergencies.

“It will be a training informative event. Here we will have a full screen, the projection equipment. Made this to share experiences and thereby inspiring,” explains Alina Komissarova, head of the program “Center of Elizabeth Glinka”.

Those who were inspired by Dr. Lisa hall in the historic center: the famous surgeon Nikolai Pirogov, the Empress Maria Feodorovna, Grand Duchess Alexandra Petrovna.

And this hall will be enriched by the results of new good deeds, there will be a multimedia screen with the stories of those who need help, and contacts those who are willing to help. Such a database of good people.

the Doors of the center are already open. And from March 1 it will begin to take things for the homeless, the sick, the pensioners. You can help at Pyatnitskaya street, 18/3.

Text: “to Conduct-Moscow”