I found in the Cabinet of Konstantin Chernenko, who took Mikhail Gorbachev

History 09/02/20 found in the office of Konstantin Chernenko, who took Mikhail Gorbachev

Every time after the death of one or another party leader in his office conducted a kind of “revision”. The same procedure was subjected to the Cabinet of Konstantin Chernenko, which came Mikhail Gorbachev. However, instead of the documents in the Desk and safe Chernenko found wads of money.

Desk “audit”

As Alexander writes Baigushev in his book “scouting Party”, with reference to the assistant Konstantin Chernenko Victor Pribytkova, after the death of any party leader were all his papers were seized, systematized and sent to the secret sector. Similar archives were almost all employees of high rank. So, according to the testimony of the same Pribytkova, Anastas Mikoyan left behind at least three trucks of paper. That is why, as argued by Victor, Mikoyan and was unsinkable. But the wardrobes and a safe in the office of Mikhail Suslov was completely empty. Disappeared even the “special” folder, the contents of which was classified.

anyway, this “revision” that took place after the death of another political worker, was not something out of the ordinary. The same procedure was subjected to the pieces of furniture and safes Konstantin Chernenko. Chernenko died of a heart attack in March 1985. Then, as mentioned in the encyclopedia “who is Who in the world” (editor G. P. Shalaeva), for the post of General Secretary of the CPSU Central Committee was nominated Mikhail Gorbachev. Immediately after the Plenum, whose members unanimously elected him head of the party, Gorbachev expressed a desire to move to the office of the late predecessor. This event was preceded by a kind of “inventory”.

Clogged drawers and safe

In the first place after the death of Konstantin Chernenko would withdraw all documents kept in the office of the Secretary General. It is for this purpose in the premises occupied by him, and granted the employees of the Central Committee. As he wrote A. S. Grachev in the newspaper “Kremlin news”, party members were amazed not only confusion in the office. The fact that the Desk of Konstantin Ustinovich was discovered whole packs of banknotes. Moreover, the money was stuffed in all mailboxes, but no official papers and did not exist. However, according to Alexander Ostrovsky, author of “Who put Gorbachev?”, Grachev himself could not be among the direct witnesses of “audit” and only passed on rumors circulating in the Kremlin.

meanwhile, the fact of the availability of money in the office of Konstantin Chernenko confirmed and aide to Mikhail Gorbachev, Anatoly Chernyaev. In his memoirs, “Six years with Gorbachev” Chernyaev wrote about how one of his buddies named Nicholas, an expert cryptographer, has discovered a safe General Secretary: Konstantin Ustinovich forgotten code. When the door finally swung open, Nicholas saw inside only one thin folder of documents, the rest of the space was occupied by bundles of money. Therefore, it is unlikely the money Chernenko carefully put in Desk drawers and the safe was just a figment of the imagination of the Kremlin inhabitants.

the Origin of money

But if all this is true, then another question arises: where did Konstantin Chernenko had so much money? Historians and biographers offer several explanations. For example, Alexander Ostrovsky, author of “Who put Gorbachev?”, argues that the banknote could be either the so-called “black cash” or bribes, which at the time took Konstantin Ustinovich. However, Nikolay Zenkovich in his book “Assassination and staging: from Lenin to Yeltsin,” confidently declares that in corruption schemes Chernenko were not observed. And it is precisely because of such compromising was not found on him, many mocked the health of Konstantin Ustinovich, and called him the chief of the country bureaucrat.

Leonid Mlechin the author of “10 leaders from Lenin to Putin”, gently alluding to the fact that Chernenko could control the budget and expenditures of the Communist party of the country. And Boris Kaptelov on the pages of the magazine “Russia in search of efficiency” suggests that Konstantin Ustinovich, being on full state support, thus simply “warehoused” their wages. In the year that Chernenko was a Secretary General, money really can accumulate a lot. “It is significant that “fighter for social justice” did not occur to him to not give the right money to the orphanage” writes Shatalov.

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