World of showbiz This week, it was the final episode of ” Temptation Island, VIP’s can be seen in the Netherlands, which, Pommeline, and Fabrizio, have a very happy and emotional reunion know. Fabrizio went once again to one knee, the engagement between them, the two to confirm this. And yet, it is for the couple, it is now a moment apart from each other. What is it really all that wrong in this area?

The most romantic scene in the final episode of “Temptation Island VIPS” was just an illusion, says Pommeline on RTL. “As soon as we were back in the first week is Fabrizio starting to agree with the good girl Julia”, you hear the sound of it. Who is the prosecutor in this case were also not honest, no. “I found out that when he and his laptop had been left behind. He was, I think, to forget that the iCloud is also there, walked in, and I had a password on the computer. For example, I have a number of important photos are to come across, and he could no longer deny it.”

Julia and Fabrizio had a moment, a love affair, but which is now completely gone. “She’s his type,” says Pommeline. “She’s big and tough, while Fabrizio is just to small and fine to fall. It was just as much fun for him.” She is the good girl is also rather hypocritical. “After the ‘Band’, it has come to our house for dinner, and while the two have already had together. They have had my letter which was that she was so happy that we were getting married, and that she hoped that we will have a long and happy life.”


“I have thought of this as really apart from, I’ve had three weeks straight of crying,” she said over the break.” It’s a really important life lesson, and I have made up my mind that I consider myself to be simply the first place to go to put it in the future. I have always weggecijferd for him to ensure that he was happy, which made me not happy was made. Now, I’ve learned that I’m not allowed to do that.” It is also becoming more conservative in terms of love. “He has made me believe in pink. I don’t think that I was so quick, “yes”, it will say, if someone made me a proposal of marriage is asking. And I’ll never have someone’s face on my body tattoo”, she laughs.