How to earn the most effective Soviet intelligence

Another 19/12/19 How to earn the most effective Soviet spies

According to declassified documents and recognition of the Soviet spies-illegals financial relationships with the “customers” of produced information is lined up in different ways – some spies actually worked for the idea and money for espionage did not.


the Famous Soviet spy-illegal Kim Philby spoke in 1988, in an interview Philip Knightley, that neither he nor any of the so-called “Cambridge five” rewards for produced for Soviet espionage information is not requested. After smuggling it into the Soviet Union scout appointed personal pension (200 rubles) was allocated a good apartment in Moscow and a dacha. Coupled with the personal pension of the pensioner in the Soviet Union had an additional benefits package – eligible for 50% payment of utilities and 20% of medicines benefits for transportation.
a veteran of the Soviet intelligence service Sergey Dorokhin in an interview confirmed that Kim Philby for the extraction of valuable intelligence, they basically did not take any money or valuable gifts.
According to the memoirs of the Soviet spy Boris Zhuravlev (employee of the Berlin residency, which had the alias “Nicholas”), prototype shtirlitsa Willie Lehman received the secret information a little money (about 580 Reichsmarks per month) and food stamps, and the cards rejoiced even more than the money.

Paid whether the “Ramsay”?

the Soviet traitor Rezun, writing books under the pseudonym “Viktor Suvorov” says Richard Sorge stopped paying the money after he arrived in the Soviet Union, when the Center in the 30-ies he was summoned to Moscow. Historian Sergey Gupalo refutes this hypothesis, reporting that the scouts Sorge Moscow monthly allocated about thousands of dollars. The scouts spent in the extraction of information and their funds (the radio operator “Ramsay” Max Christiansen-Clausen holds a special place.I business, and his business he helped to open the Center by providing the required amount). In addition, says Sergey Gupalo, Sorge financially sponsored by another Soviet spy Leopold Trepper (the”Red orchestra”), which was on “self-financing” – he also owned a business in which he materially contributed to the Moscow curators. Trepper from its funds to pay the salaries of the members of the “red chapel”.

How much cost Aldrich

According to information announced by retired Colonel Sergey Dorokhin, one of the most expensive agents working for Soviet intelligence, was a senior CIA official Aldrich Ames. Ames volunteered to work for Soviet intelligence, he was not recruited. At first the agent asked for 50 thousand dollars for information about the three spies, verbosity in the USSR by the Americans. All in all, Ames had passed to Soviet intelligence 12 CIA agents and told her the details of more than 50 operations of the Central intelligence Agency, having received a total of more than $ 2 million.

Information about the income of Soviet spies and their agents strictly metered and is still much of this information is classified. According to various relation to the financial incentives of providers of intelligence, it was not formulaic – in each case had its own peculiarities.

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