How much it actually costs one meter Ostankino television tower

History 12/02/20 commons.wikimedia.oldscholl in fact, is one meter Ostankino television tower

the construction of the “all-Union radio television transmitting station. 50 years of October” actually started in 1960 and ended in 1967 – in the year of the fiftieth anniversary of the October revolution. For the next 11 years “Ostankino” held the title of tallest building in the world.

reinforced Concrete structure with a total weight of 32 thousand tons was built by order of the Ministry of communications. In many ways, the project was “image” and questions of prestige, as usual, money in the Soviet Union are not spared. The main official source of information about the design and construction is the book “Ostankino television tower”, published in 1971 by designer Nikolai Nikitin. However, describing the smallest technical details, the author carefully avoided the financial question.

to Judge of the value of the project can only indirectly, by the application “Main technical and economic indicators of the Ostankino television tower and the amount of work performed in its construction”. Based on current average market price of a cubic meter of concrete in 30 thousand rubles, the price is only the basic material was not less than 1 billion (in today’s money terms). Considering the difficulties and repeated increases in the estimates we can assume that “no stuffing” Ostankino tower is not less than 3 billion rubles.

When assessing the value of equipment you need to consider that a large part of the equipment of the station, installed in Soviet times, has deteriorated 27-28 August 2000. The fire, which started at a height of 460 meters, burned a few floors. The fire destroyed cables, electrical substation, lifts and about 120 prestressed steel cables weighing several tens of tons. Suffered supply chain and communications. In the media the damage caused to the object that was initially estimated at “hundreds million dollars.” State center of radio and television requested from the state for the reconstruction of 60 million dollars at today’s exchange rate is 3.8 billion rubles.

in fact, However, as he wrote in 2011, the website from 2000 to 2013 estimated cost of works on restoration and reconstruction of the tower was about 6.7 billion rubles. Despite subsequent adjustments, these data can be considered relevant, taking into account inflation and the fact that the total cost of works has not been officially named. The programme was financed from the Federal budget for the Ministry of communications, and from extra-budgetary sources. In particular, in the Ostankino tower has invested the money provided for the reconstruction of the Shukhov tower. Most of the funds have gone to purchase equipment and its installation.

Adding the cost of construction in the years 1960-67 and reconstruction in the years 2000-2013, you can see the price of the Ostankino tower. Of course, it is not a market and does not account for depreciation. However, we can assume that in terms of today’s money, the people of the USSR and Russia spent on the tower 9.7 billion rubles. By the way, this figure is close to alternative assessment. Before reconstruction in 2000, the newspaper “Kommersant” estimated that building from scratch a new Ostankino tower would cost $ 148 million. By today’s standards, it is 9.4 billion rubles. Thus, one meter Ostankino television tower stands approximately 17.5 million rubles.

Note that the unfinished Yekaterinburg TV tower with a height of 220 meters in 2017, the authorities tried to sell for 653 million rubles – about 2.9 million rubles per meter, i.e. in 6 times cheaper than Ostankino. However, buyers are not found, therefore, in 2018, the facility was demolished. Ostankino tower if waiting for a similar fate, it is soon. The intent of the designers, it can last for Muscovites not less than 300 years.

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