How many returned to the USSR, Soviet prisoners of war were put in the GULAG

History 22/02/20 How many returned to the USSR, Soviet prisoners of war were put in the GULAG

after reviewing the historical data the staff of the society “Science XXI” came to the conclusion that the allegations of mass repressions organized by Stalin against the red army, had been in captivity, are not reality.

What do the numbers

the Candidate of historical Sciences-General retired major Alexander Kirilin found that after the victory in the Soviet Union returned more than 1 million 800 thousand Soviet soldiers who had been in captivity. The whole mass of these people were sent to special camps where the NKVD found out the degree of guilt of each former prisoner. The main objective was the identification of people who collaborated with the Germans.

This practice was characteristic not only for the USSR but for all the belligerent countries who were also trying to identify traitors and saboteurs of the enemy. Of the nearly 2 million former prisoners of war and prison camp terms, depending on the degree of guilt, received 333,4 thousand people.

the work on the study of the repressed-pardoned historians rely on “Reference on the audit of the former encircled and prisoners of war”, which is in the Storage of historical-documentary collections. According to the document of enlisted men in the army returned 79%, and the officers acquitted more than 60%. With ordinary red army fared not so serious, but the officers attention from the NKVD and SMERSH were increased. The work of employees of special strictly regulated by official documents.

the fate of the captured generals

Especially the details of the NKVD considered the circumstances of the capture of Soviet generals, and collaborated with the enemy. Revealing story of the commander of the 12th army, major General Paul Ponedelin and the commander of the infantry corps Nikolai Kirillov, who was captured in August 1941. Fritz skillfully played this card and for the promotion of captured officers circle officers of the WehrmachtOh, and leaflets with these images promptly thrown in the trenches to the Soviet fighters.

by Order No 270 of 16 August 1941, both the Supreme commander declared traitors, and they themselves sentenced to death. Family generals, including parents, wives, arrested and repressed. Investigation released from captivity commanders lasted five years, and only after clarification of all details they were shot. Both were rehabilitated in 1956. Wine Ponedelin, whose camp was liberated by the Americans and refused to submit to their direction, was negative remarks about Stalin and loyalty to the invaders and Vlasov.

fair to say that not all the generals were accused of traitors. So the commander of a separate army, General-major Mikhail Potapov held captive in the autumn of 1941 was acquitted by the Soviet authorities. After the war he studied at the Academy of the General staff. Of the 41 high-ranking officer, who was in captivity of 26 generals reinstated, which is equal to 63% of the total.

the Prisoner then a traitor

Most prisoners on the Soviet reports were missing. Such of the war there were 5 million red army soldiers, while through the German camps held 4.5 million Soviet citizens. Among the prisoners were a little more than 100 thousand soldiers. The relatives of the missing soldier received a certificate with all available information and note that the document is not the reason for the registration benefits. Thus, the power saved on the material benefits and rations for the family of the prisoner.

Researchers have not been able to find documentary evidence of the phrase Stalin: “we Have no prisoners of war, and there are traitors.” However, in the postwar USSR, the people that have been in captivity, or driven to forced labor were negative. Even concentration camp inmates, or persons residing in the occupied regions, could say that they were holed up, the Germans, while others fought for them fRonta.

the Myth about Stalin and traitors should be sought in the complex for the front and the whole country 1941. The Nazis carried out among prisoners of war of serious ideological work, and using the formula the prisoner-the traitor, the officers and soldiers have been indoctrinated with the idea that in case of victory of the USSR they will be accused of treason. This assumption finds confirmation in the documents of the interrogations conducted by members of the NKVD and Smershevtsy.

Another source of the myth could be the stage of communication of Stalin and the red cross from the film “Liberation”, directed by Yuri Ozerov. In conversation with Konstantin Simonov, Marshal Georgy Zhukov said that traitors of the prisoners for the first time called Lev Mehlis, the people’s Commissar of state control.

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