How insulting was her nickname for Nadezhda Krupskaya

Biography 19/01/20 What offensive nickname was Nadezhda Krupskaya

the Nickname that was given Krupskaya around, never varied: a lifetime Nadezhda Konstantinovna was awarded “fish names”. However, despite this meager imagination relatives, friends and associates of the chosen leader, every nickname had a clear rationale.

Among the most frequently used nicknames Krupskaya is the author of “the Rebellious Petersburg. One hundred years of riots, rebellions and revolutions in urban folklore”, Naum sindalovsky, mentions “the Fish.” And Victor Piatnitski in the edition “Love story of the rulers of the Russian Empire and the Soviet Union” says that often, Nadezhda Konstantinovna called a “Cold Fish”. Moreover, both writers attributed the fact to the unattractive appearance and modest, silent demeanour of the wife of Lenin.

However, the writer Valery Samburov, in his book “the Invasion of others. Why the power comes enemies,” argues that the origins of the “fish” nickname Krupskaya to be found in her pedigree. The fact that the father of Nadezhda Konstantinovna left early from life. About Krupskaya (as well as her husband) until the end of his days cared for her mother, Elizaveta Vasilyevna. According Shambarova, Elizabeth V. before her marriage bore the name of Fishman. For this reason, Krupskaya and became “Fish”.

For many, including fellow revolutionary, Nadezhda remained a Fish until death. However, some still prefer the specifics and called Krupskaya “Herring”. One of the first pointed to the similarity Krupskaya herring sister of the leader of the world proletariat, Anna. At least, writes in his book “Lenin lives” Eugene Hussars. It was especially cruel that Anna Ulyanova chose to barbs is not the right time: Krupskaya then went into exile.

a well-Known journalist Leonid Mlechin, Peru which PRIndesit edition of the “Dismantling of the Patriarchy, or Women prevail” also writes that the detractors often called Krupskaya “Herring”. According to Mlechin, the reason for that was developed from Nadezhda Konstantinovna graves disease where the eyes Krupskaya were bulging like a fish. Historian Boris Sokolov, author of “Lenin and Inessa Armand”, argues that Lenin belonged to the illness of the wife with irony and himself often called her “fish” names.

according to Boris Sokolov, Lenin often used the nickname “Lamprey”. And Irina Sergievskaya, in his book “Moscow front. Legends and mysteries of the Forbidden city,” writes that “Lamprey” was a party name Krupskaya. Anastasia Monastery on the pages of “the Most famous novels of the twentieth century” says that this “name” was not accidental.

Except that Nadezhda Konstantinovna was a rather overweight woman, had rough facial features and bulging eyes, she suffered downright pathological shyness. Sometimes Krupskaya fell into a strange stupor and could remain silent for several hours. Besides Nadezhda Konstantinovna was a kind of “Supplement” to Lenin, and many species of lampreys are known to be external parasites of larger fish.

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