EURO 2020 is the Adidas, the face, Michy Batshuayi, if the ball is Wednesday night in London, feel with the hands and the feet, not the face. The German sportgigant, in the capital, the official ball for the UEFA EURO 2020-the Uniforia. The design, like Adidas, and the organization of the solidarity celebration, the tournament, which will be about the whole of Europe is taking place.

For the first time in its 60-year history of the european football CHAMPIONSHIP in 12 different European countries played. The artistic design of the euro-ball Uniforia it is, therefore, based on the blurring of the boundaries with each other and overflowing with black lines, which are very similar to the verfstrepen. You can find these stripes are also found on the new shirts of the Red Devils – it is a broader concept.

all The bright colors of these lines to add to the ball of the diversity within the different teams and their fans around the world. Together, they are a symbol of how the sport of these different cultures together and the unity it brings about in the world. Adidas and the CHANCE to connect. The name of Uniforia is a mix of unity (‘Unity’) and elation (‘Euphoria’).