Federal Economics and Climate Protection Minister Robert Habeck (Greens) is promoting energy saving with a new campaign under the motto “80 million together for the energy transition”. “Get involved,” Habeck advertised at the launch of the campaign on Friday in Berlin. “Anyone who saves energy helps Germany become less dependent on Russian imports and does something for the climate.”

Advertisements are planned on digital display boards, for example at train stations, on the Internet and in social networks. There is also a telephone hotline and events. The motto refers to the population of Germany, where according to the Federal Statistical Office last 83.2 million people lived. The campaign is also aimed at companies.

According to Habeck, the prices for fossil energy are currently extremely high. “Especially in autumn, many people will get significantly higher heating bills than usual. For this reason alone, saving energy is urgently needed, and I know that many are already looking at where they can save something, especially when they have to watch every cent anyway.” Tips and hints should make this as easy as possible.

“Regularly defrosting the freezer compartment, changing the shower head or switching the lighting in offices to LED – that reduces consumption. And when a lot of people do it, it really adds up overall.”