Guns found at Marshal Zhukov during the search

Weapons 28/01/20 guns found at Marshal Zhukov during the search

First Marshal of the Soviet Union Georgy Zhukov was an avid gun enthusiast, preferring the cold and hunting – love to the first still remained with the cavalry during the First world war and the Civil war, and hunted bugs at the first opportunity, which would not have served.

Sword, sword, swords, gun…

As is confirmed by the senior scientific officer of the Memorial Museum Cabinet Zhukov Anatoly Kolomiytsev, this collection includes unique samples of weapons that were given to the Marshal. For example, Burmese percussion cap gun and infantry rifle of the sample of the XIX century or donated Georgy armed forces of Burma “Winged” sword with wooden scabbard decorated with silver and chiselled. The collection also includes 2 swords, made of the Dagestan masters, one of them decorated with jewels.

But the most important exhibit among the edged weapons is one of many state awards of Georgy Zhukov – named piece, which depicts a Golden emblem of the USSR. This Honorable weapon Zhukov with a group of other Soviet commanders were awarded in February 1968.

beetles prefer foreign brands hunting rifles

All his adult life, Marshall was fond of hunting. One of the most favorite brands of hunting rifles Georgy Zhukov was a British fittings Holland & Holland (“Holland and Holland”), which is confirmed, in particular, memories of Eugene Nikolaev hunters, hunting with Marshall in Lotoshinsky hunting Military hunting society. Nikolaev called this connection “wonderful” (by the way, fitting Holland & Holland, with whom hunted Roosevelt, in 1994, was sold at auction for half a million dollars).

Another witness hunting preferences Georgy Zhukov – a retired Colonel, an honorary member of the Military-hunting society Alexander Moneytar. He said that in lake Suguna Marshal shot the game from the rifles of the German company Merkel. The arms of this company was very popular with government officials and other dignitaries. the Gift samples of shotguns “Merkel” had, in particular, Eisenhower, Khrushchev and Yuri Gagarin.

Degtyar Merkel described Zhukov as a four-barrel shotgun 12 gauge for firing at different distances. The weapon was decorated with gold and silver, inlaid with ivory.

Rock collection

the Passion for collecting hunting rifles (but not only they alone) in 1948 nearly cost Georgy Zhukov freedom during the so-called “Trophy case” (process to investigate the facts of export of the representatives of the Soviet military command of Germany of property, including precious and valuable things on a large scale) were searched at the cottage and in the apartment of the Marshal.

According to a memo to the then Minister of state security of the USSR Viktor Abakumov, dated 10 January 1948 and addressed personally to Stalin, Zhukov among other good was discovered 20 hunting rifles imported (Abakumov stressed the above firm Holland & Holland, calling these fittings are “unique” and the rest of the rifles classified as “other”).

bugs in writing, confessed that the “gone too far” part of the “expropriation” of trophies and 5 shotguns of 20 he was allowed to leave.

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