A peaceful Christopher Street Day (CSD) in Berlin ended for three young people with a bad experience: As the police reported on Sunday, the two 16 and 17-year-old girls and their 15-year-old companion were victims of a suspected homophobia on Saturday evening Attack.

When they were out and about on Panoramastrasse in Mitte at around 8 p.m., they were homophobically insulted by a group of nine, it said. The group apparently took the young people’s clothing as the reason for the insults.

The 16-year-old therefore confronted the ringleader, who knocked her hat off her head and tripped her, causing her to fall to the ground, the police reported. When the teenager got up again, the stranger hit her in the face with his fist.

The young man then ran away in the direction of Rathausstraße. The rest of the group also fled. Alerted police forces searched the area unsuccessfully.

The attacked suffered a wound on the lip, but refused treatment by the emergency services. The police state protection took over the further investigations into bodily harm and insult.

On Saturday, 350,000 people took part in the large CSD demonstration. It moved from Leipziger Straße via Nollendorfplatz and Großer Stern to the Brandenburg Gate.