Multiple European champion and world rhythmic gymnastics Alexandra Soldatova has denied that she tried to commit suicide. She was subsequently admitted to the research Institute of emergency care named Sklifosovsky.

“I Want to say to all stop worrying for me. I am fine with that. Write complete terror and lies and I have no words — said the athlete in a video to Instagram of his coach Anna Dyachenko. – I want to cry and laugh from the way you write in General, without the slightest evidence.”

“Yesterday morning I was preparing Breakfast, I cut myself, it happens – the knives sharp, I’m a gymnast, standing in the kitchen not so long ago. Before training went to the hospital not to self-medicate, warning coaches. The story is over. I am fine, alive and healthy, I will be at the Grand Prix”.

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Recall that it was reported that Soldatov was hospitalized with cuts on one arm. Thursday morning the doctors estimated its condition as satisfactory.