The Turnhout city in Turnhout and has a solution figured out for the kasseiproblemen at the level of the Hotel. The kasseistrook been there a few times heraangelegd, but just as often break traction. The cobbles are replaced by tarmac, with a kasseimotief.

The trouble with the because of the transition from the “Begijnenstraat”, and the Oude Vaartstraat – at the level of the entrance of the Beguinage in Turnhout, belgium, are a little old to be very. For years, the hard to loose or break them. The holes thus generated in the road surface are not only a nuisance to cyclists and drivers who need to drive. Also, residents are sometimes – quite literally – waking up on the kasseistrook. “If there is a regular car to drive, nice. However, when heavy traffic causes vibrations and we are, to shake us in our beds”, and showed them to a neighbor earlier this year and lost.


The kasseistrook, it was several times repaired, but that did not help. The pavement itself is permeable to water, and the water goes down to the base. However, due to the heavy traffic, it is the foundation of the building to close out of it. As a result, the foundation is more permeable to water and there is water in the joint are tight,” says alderman for Public Works, Marc Boogers (Green) is the problem. “As a result of sucking in cars and buses, and the voegsel when they are on the hard drive. As a result, its hard to come off, which is very dangerous to make.”

A final resolution has emerged. And that’s maandagvond be approved by the city council in the city of Turnhout-the current paving in paving shall be replaced by the printasfalt. “The solution is simple: we’re going to hard to remove it,” says Marc Boogers. “We have to preserve the foundation of the building, but there will be a tarmac-layer, to lie down.”