George Agabekov: as the NKVD eliminated the first spy-traitor

History 04/02/20 George Agabekov: as the NKVD eliminated first Ranger traitor

Soviet spy Georgi Agabekov was the first of the illegal immigrants who, after fleeing from the Soviet Union released information about the “kitchen” of Stalin’s OGPU abroad, publishing books “for the Cheka and the GPU. Notes of a chekist”. The status of a defector Agabekov was only a few years, until he did not take seriously former colleagues from the NKVD.

Service of the OGPU

According to the interregional public Foundation for the promotion of strategic security (fssb), an Armenian Georgy Agabekov (Arutyunov, Nerses Ovsepyan), was born in the family of Ashgabat blacksmith-craftsman. Went to school, fought in the First world war, graduated from the school of ensigns. Knew the Turkish language, after the war served as an interpreter. Since 1918, the red Army, fought with Kolchak in 1920, joined the party and was appointed commander of the battalion.

PhD Alexey Shavrov, the author of the Preface to the book of Georgy Agabekov “Cheka at work”, writes that in the Extraordinary Commission of the future of the traitor sent the Ekaterinburg provincial Committee of the party. Soon Agabekova, knowing several languages, was transferred to Central Asia. Scout participated in the operation to overthrow the Emir of Bukhara. Subsequently, he was appointed chief of Department on struggle against espionage and smuggling Bukhara Republican OGPU, and later head of counterintelligence.

Since 1924, George T. – employee of the Foreign Department of the OGPU, his commander in the Afghan capital. Two years later, the intelligence officer, and inspector of the trade mission, arrives in Persia as a resident of the Foreign Department. In these two countries, confirms fssb, resident Agabekov conducted several successful operations to recruit members of the Russian emigration, among whom were the General and Colonel of the tsarist army. In 1928 Agabekova withdraw to Moscow, where he was appointed head of sector of Foreign Department of Secondary and the Middle East. A half later, the scout (now according to legend, he had an Armenian merchant Nerses Ovsepyan) sent to Turkey to replace Jacob Bliumkin, which at that time was arrested and shot on charges of having links with Trotsky.

Why he ran away

Known intelligence officer and historian of the Soviet secret services, Pavel Sudoplatov puts forward two versions of the reasons of betrayal Agabekova. First – a passion for the 20-year-old Englishwoman Elizabeth Streeter, who was the daughter of the British resident in Istanbul. The second version Agabekov was close to Blumkin, and were seriously concerned that it will suffer the same fate as a former Istanbul resident of the OGPU.

And what I was doing abroad

According to fssb, Agabekov offered his services to British intelligence in January 1930, but became interested in them only in may. However, obsessed with passion a traitor in a month, followed his beloved Isabel Streeter in France, only Paris has publicly stated in the emigre Newspapers that breaks with the GPU. Sudoplatov writes in his book “the RAID. Lubyanka and the Kremlin 1930 -1950 years” about the stagnation of the defector, Agabekov was pressed for money, and largely this circumstance was due to his love of writing – a traitor is not so much wanted to reveal the secrets of the Soviet secret police, how many have sought to capitalize on the disclosure of secrets.

Publishing the first book “OGPU: the Russian secret terror” (both his books went through several editions and reissues) have caused enormous damage to the Soviet residency abroad and provoked serious foreign-policy complications between the USSR and Iran: in this country, arrested more than 400 people, several of them shot, and more than 20 received various terms of imprisonment. In the end, Iran temporarily froze relations with the Soviet Union, the Iranian Communist party was banned and it worked underground until 1941.

In the late summer of 1931 France, not to quarrel with the Soviet Union, Agabekova expelled from the country. The defector settled in Brussels, immediately taking up “probing the soil” of the foreign intelligence service (he was simultaneously in contact with the intelligence agencies of 7 countries). In Moscow, decided to eliminate potentially dangerous defector. First attempt, made in the same year, without success. Not come and steal it in 1934.

the Knife – suitcase – river

Pavel Sudoplatov in his book “the RAID. Lubyanka and the Kremlin 1930 -1950 years” describes the neutralization Agabekova in 1937. The staff of the Foreign Department (then NKVD) had lured the traitor at the Paris safe house. To come up with this the legend of the export of jewelry, this operation was supposed to participate in dire need of money Agabekov.

the action on the murder of a defector participated future chief of illegal intelligence MGB Alexander Korotkov. Killed a traitor to the Turks, Soviet intelligence agent. Agabekova corpse stuffed in a suitcase and thrown into the Seine. According sudoplatova, then the body was never found.

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