ARCHIV - 01.06.2022, Berlin: Ein Auto wird an einer Tankstelle betankt. Die Inflation in der Eurozone hat sich im Juni weiter beschleunigt und abermals einen Rekordwert erreicht. (zu dpa «Eurozone: Inflation steigt auf Rekordwert von 8,6 Prozent») Foto: Christophe Gateau/dpa +++ dpa-Bildfunk +++

Fuel prices continue to plummet. E10 premium petrol is back to the level before the start of the Ukraine war, according to figures from ADAC on Wednesday. A liter cost the nationwide average of 1.75 euros on Tuesday. That is 3.9 cents less than a week earlier and exactly the value of February 23rd. At that time, however, the tensions had already caused fuel prices to rise.

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Diesel also fell on a weekly basis: the price fell by 3.5 cents to 1.928 euros. However, the fuel is a long way from the pre-war level. On February 23, it cost 1.663 euros.

In the weeks following the start of the war, diesel became much more expensive than E10 and overtook it in price. In addition, the tax reduction applicable until the end of August for diesel at 16.7 cents per liter is lower than for E10, where it is 35.2 cents.