From Stakhanov to Stakanova: as a miner-worker

Biography 18/12/19 From Stakhanov to Stakanova: as a miner-worker “was gulbani” with Stalin’s son

the image of the most famous miner in the Soviet Union was the most ideological in the Soviet times. Stakhanov were not only deprived of a genuine biography. He, as suggested by some local historians, took away even her real name.

“Hello, Andrew”

today, the village meadow, a small homeland, Alexey Stakhanov is a dying settlement in Izmalkovsky district of Lipetsk region, which is now less than a hundred inhabitants (in Stakhanov village belonged to Orel, Lipetsk appeared on the map of the USSR in 1954). Many historians believe that the Stakhanov in fact, initially passport was not Alex, and Andrew. By this judgment, in particular, were the Keeper of the house-Museum of Stakhanov Irina Agibalova.

the Same version adhered to a political commentator Nikolai Troitsky. According to a popular and widely publicized (but documented unconfirmed) opinion, Joseph Stalin, reading in the main printed organ of the USSR “Pravda” newspaper, the publication of the heroic record of Andrei Stakhanov, reacted to the mistake of the newspaper in the name of the protagonist of the article: “the Truth is not wrong.” Supposedly after this reaction Stakhanov was forced to change the passport and to take a name of Alexey. Coal miner’s daughter, violet, were against such rumor claimed that the father was Alex.

By the way, and the Museum-replica of the famous miner today is not in his homeland, and in the next meadow with the village of Transfiguration – the 50th anniversary of the establishment of the world-famous record production Stakhanov coal’s parent’s house and the Hero of socialist labor, which collapsed thatched roof, moved to a new location.

that Stakhanov – not Stakhanov, namely Glasses, claimed that Irina Agibalova. Violetta Stakhanov in comments to Moskovsky Komsomolets “Stakhanovsky” version categorically opwas reversal: it has repeatedly been with his father at his home in meadow, where Stakhnevich otrodjas was not found – “one village “order” (something like a city neighborhood) – Ziborova, the second – Stakhanov”.

“And who didn’t?”

No less mythological and biographical fact Stakhanov related to his acquaintance with Vasily Stalin. “Nezavisimaya Gazeta” describes the revelry miner’s son and the “father of Nations” in the restaurant of the hotel “Metropol” and mentions broken as a result of ambulatory expensive mirror. Violetta Stakhanov in an interview with “MK” said her father really liked to drink, and in the “Metropol” he really walked to fame. Not only mirror beat (“And who did not beat in the “Metropol mirror?”), but restaurant fish in the pool were caught. However, the fact that Stakhanov did all that stuff together with Vasily Stalin, his daughter is not mentioned. Out among the Moscow fellow worker and I went to the alteration of his surname in Stakanova.

the Candidate of historical Sciences Nikita Sokolov says: friendship Alexei Stakhanov son of Joseph Stalin was possible because of the proximity of the miner to the leader, which many Soviet celebrities were forgiven. Under Stalin, Stakhanov studied in Proacademy, led one of the mines in Karaganda, held a responsible post in the Commissariat of the coal industry of the USSR, got an apartment in the famous House on embankment (published a letter demanding the miner’s record to Joseph Stalin in which Stakhanov urged to overhaul the elite residential space).

According to numerous publications of local historians, Joseph Stalin, after hearing about the drunken adventures of Stakhanov with the son of the head of state Basil, ostensibly fatherly shamed of the record and warned: “you Will be in this spirit to continue, I will not spare!”. Proceedings of the Stakhanovite booze were engaged in special government Commission, chaired by Georgy Malenkov, the findings of the supervisor with strong recommendations Stakhanov “reconstructed” and stop slatSya on restaurants lead author of the book “100 famous symbols of the Soviet era”, Andrew Khoroshevskaya.

… With the coming to power of Khrushchev, Stakhanov, as a favourite of Stalin “pushed” to the periphery. For some time he was in charge of the trust in the Donetsk region, the last years before retirement was the assistant chief engineer of the mine office. All this time titled the champion continued to drink a lot.

Died Alexei Stakhanov 62 year in a mental hospital, where was treated for complications of alcoholism. Slipped on an Apple peel and fell, shattering his head.

Nicholas Syromyatnikov

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