Leuven, Leuven, Four unidentified men attacked Wednesday night at around 20.20 hours, FrituurOomske on the Diestsesteenweg in Kessel-Lo, in. One of them pulled out a blade of about 35 inches off the top, and threatened to have the woman and the child frituurbaas With the Uncles and aunts. It was, however, the 63-year-old frituurbaas is included. He could see the four offenders away from them with a hot frietspaan to save it.

A typical Wednesday night, it was, when all of a sudden four robbers in their work, thought, and save it in a Shop Oomske. Four black men came to my shop in. One of them, a man with a distinctive blue crest, it had a blade of about 35 inches, fixed. ‘ < / i> ticket office. , ” they said in unison. She laughed at the situation, and the fezelden something in a language I don’t understand it either. My wife and Pronmatha was a privévertrek, right next to the frituurruimte, and said that the police had to call in. It was at that moment that my husband Jack for 2 years and 8 months of age,” says frituurbaas With the Uncles and aunts.