French Rugby players went to the leaders of the six Nations

In the Rugby six Nations tournament ended in the second round. According to its results, was replaced by the leader of the prestigious European Rugby tournament among teams team. Now the table headed the team of France.

the French has achieved the second victory in a row. After Rugby players, “Le Bleu” beat England, they continued to Italy. It happened also at home. The final score was 35:22 in favor of the French.

Two wins from two has and Ireland. In the second round match of athletes from the shores of the azure Islands defeated defending champion XN – Wales. The meeting took place in Dublin and ended with a minimum in the standards of Rugby with the victory of “clover” – 24:14.

And finally in Edinburgh Scotland met in the old British Derby with neighbours from England. The meeting was tough, I managed one try, and ended with the score 13:6 in favor of “red roses”.

Thus, after two rounds of the six Nations France V Ireland has the same (9) number of points, but ahead of the Irish on additional indicators. After Wales and England share third-fourth place (both teams have 5 points), Scotland scored two points, and Italy – none.