Games, Fortnite players, it is time for chapter 2 of season 1! The live stream of the megapopulaire game and it showed, since Sunday is nothing more than a black hole and with a noise that suddenly appeared near theend of the season to 10. But that’s gone now, and there is a farm fresh chapter will appear of thin air. With four new heroes, new weapons and a new island that players can play against each other.

It was rumored for a while that there will be a new map would come out. That is, there are now thirteen of us in new locations. Twitter was easy to get to – spoiler alert! images to find, especially in the ShiinaBR. For the millions of fans, of course, there’s also a new trailer for the second chapter.

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There’s a suspicious-looking plant in the game, according to VG24/7. “We see our new heroes of fishing on the cool weapons, and a drink of water from the plant is leaking out, prior to the gevechtsbus loaded with plenty of familiar faces in the new map, pass,” writes the site. The character will be able to go swimming, fishing, and motor boat cruising. Also, there are new hiding places.

in most cases This is the biggest update on Fortnite as ever. Up until now, were the changes in the seasons, but now it goes to chapter 2 and start again, starting from season 1.

“You are now ready to install the latest updates for Fortnite, download it on all of them”, were the last to VG24/7 and the morning of. For the Xbox One and the PS4, that is just under 20 GB, but for most players, around 15 GB according to the web site. That is added to the beginning of the game to be slow, it would be possible, because it might be very, very busy for me. In the meantime, the servers are back online.

from Last year, Fortnite, a turnover of 2.4 billion us dollars (2,18 billion), the largest of all of the tracks, according to data from Nielsen. The game is free to download and play, but players will have to pay for some upgrades. Such income is, however, just 23 percent since the introduction of the rival, “Call of Duty” on the 1st of October.