Formula 1. Grand Prix of China-2020 cancelled due to coronavirus

Coronavirus continues to put obstacles in conducting sports events. It became known yesterday that Beijing was canceled starting procedure countdown to the start of the Olympics-2022. Now in China will not be one of the stages of “Formula-1”.

official statement was made by the Federation of sport of Shanghai. According to him, all sporting events postponed or suspended until then, until the outbreak of the coronavirus in stop reports Спортбокс.Ru. This number includes formulicheskimi Grand Prix of China, which is scheduled for April 2020.

a Similar decision was taken and another round in the races. Earlier it became known that China will not accept also the Grand Prix in the “Formula E”.

Recall, that season in the Formula 1 starts March 15, when the first stage – the Grand Prix of Australia. An official statement from the International automobile Federation (FIA) on the situation of the Grand Prix of China at the moment does not.