For some time, the KGB could make a revolution in any country of the world

History 04/02/20 For some time, the KGB could make a revolution in any country of the world

In Russia today, much effort is invested in combating “foreign interference”. In both houses of Parliament and in the state Duma and the Federation Council created Commission for the protection of sovereignty, and on television talking about the color revolutions tell almost if not more than show the weather forecast. And the reason is simple enough – the Russian authorities know that the threat of collapse of the state through the influence on the internal Affairs is more than real.

the Coup begins with ideology

In early November among UK residents particularly popular video 35 years ago in which a former employee of the KGB, a specialist in propaganda and disinformation and defector Yuri steelyards talks about the method acting by which the Soviet secret service was able to stage a coup, as expected, in any country. News these revelations were only for the British who are trying to somehow explain the difficult situation into which their country fell on the background of Brexit. Although it is actually about the possibility of ideological sabotage with the filing Bezmenov became known much earlier.

So, supposedly developed in the USSR the mechanism of the preparation of the coup d’état it is the most described in detail in the brochure “a Letter to America with love.” As explained by ex-KGB, for a successful revolution it is not necessary to resort to sabotage – just use the problems and weaknesses of a regime, and to apply for this, you can even completely legal instruments – it is important to correctly convey the desired information.

generally described Basenowym methodology consists of several stages. First – demoralization. At this stage, attacked the very foundations of the people and the state: ideology, social institutions, the life of the people. For example, it is assumed the impact of religion toth should seek to politicize and to commercialize.

“[the Religion need to loosen], contributing to all sorts of sects and cults which attract people’s attention. Even if such a sect is naive, it doesn’t matter. While the accepted religious norm is slowly undermined and the people lose the main purpose of religion (to have a relationship with God), it works for the purpose of ideological Subversion. Next, mix these dear religious organizations or sects. Deflect people’s attention from the real faith and spread them out on different replacement,” explained the scout.

In education, the aim is to create a different “coordinate system”, in culture – to promote fake heroes and create false patterns of behavior in domestic politics is to reinforce the antagonism between the different forces. As a result, over a period of 15-20 years, the society can become more ignorant, weak-willed, helpless and disconnected. When it comes to this amorphous state, it is possible to proceed to the next stage of destabilization. It is the destruction of commercial and contractual relationships in the economy, through active group starts influencing policy, often with the help of populism and defiance of existing institutions. At this stage, lasting from two to five years, as planned, the country is increasingly isolated, and slipping to the power of the crowd.

Next comes a crisis when it remains only to skillfully use the radicals, who should seize and restructure power. All this, according to the manuals, given from two to six months depending on the success of the activities of agents. But if the previous steps everything was done correctly, most people do not even think to resist change and, on the contrary, would welcome a coup.

In the end, for everything, by calculations of authors of the manuals should go from 17 to 25 and a half years, after which comes the time of “normalization”. She can continue indefinitely – most importantly, the country is already under control that allows you to easily neutralize opponents and those whose hands carried out the sabotage.

fact or fiction?

not to mention that Basenowym the described technique is essentially similar to the DULLES plan. The conspiracy theorists claim that the doctrine was supposedly developed by the United States in the 1950s and 1960s, the years to destroy the Soviet Union. It also included the moral decay of the population of the Soviet propaganda methods, the separation of nationalities and social groups, leveling traditions and moral values.

However, unlike brochures Bezmenova, the DULLES plan was never published. But the publication of the former KGB cannot be considered an official document.

At the same time in the USSR there was indeed a unit able to carry out a coup d’état. However, it was created after the “revelations” of a defector only in 1981, when the 1st chief Directorate of KGB of the USSR to carry out terrorist operations abroad was formed, an elite group of “Vympel”.

According to the memoirs of one of the former leaders of the special forces, which in 1998 published the “Kommersant”, vympelovtsev really prepared for the implementation of coups in any country.

“We are prepared to work in the prewar and war period on the territory of the enemy. We were preparing for action in the cities, the storming of the buildings, studied the experience of the Second world war, the experience of guerrilla warfare, were trained in different climatic zones and conditions. Many have passed through Afghanistan, Nicaragua, Angola, Mozambique, Vietnam,” said Alexander.

however, he admits that during the existence of “Vympel” (disbanded in 1993 – approx. ed.), the units of fighters and failed to apply their skills in practice. Whether it can say that the KGB never managed to bring any of the operations to the stage of the crisis? Or such operations did not exist?

the Answer to these and many questions will remain open until withvet won’t come out real evidence of the intentions and actions of the Soviet secret police. Meanwhile, the townsfolk have to rely only on the figures published Basenowym.

Ivan Resepi

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