History 14/02/20 “For the Russian people!”: the main secret of the famous Stalin’s toast

Historians still argue what actually the meaning of the toast delivered by Stalin after two years after Winning the Kremlin. Especially that there are three substantially different version of this speech recorded by a transcript, edited personally by the Supreme Commander and published in the national press in the Newspapers about the event, where he was pronounced historical toast.

Why did Stalin rules your text?

the Famous speech in the health of the Russian people was made in the Grand Kremlin Palace during a reception in honor of the red army. The next day it was published in the Soviet press. For decades, historians were only available printed version of Stalin’s toast, but all the time there and its source is only in the late 90-ies of the declassified archives of Stalin and Molotov, where, among other things, were typewritten copies of the speech.

In the archives of Stalin was discovered typewritten version of his speech with Stalin’s edit – Stalin threw out the words on the forced retreat of the red Army in the first years of the great Patriotic war, the temporary loss of control over the situation. The Board it hand version was then published.

Only in the 90-ies Russian historians had the opportunity to compare and analyse three documents, which contained Stalin’s speech in the Kremlin on may 24, 1947 – transcript of the event, the text, edited by Joseph Stalin, and in fact the newspaper article about the Grand reception. Evaluation researchers that wanted to say, and Stalin said, uttering the toast “For the Russian people!” vary so much that today there are up to a dozen separate versions of the meaning of the toast.

the views of historians

The main stumbling block in the debate about the historical meaning of Stalin’s toast is its mono-ethnicity is the head of state somehow wanted to drink for Russian people, although fought in the great Patriotic war, representatives of dozens of nationalities of the USSR. According to the Professor of historical faculty of the Saratov state University Gregory Burdea, dostoinym was still the Soviet Union itself. Bringing to the fore long-suffering of the Russian people, Stalin thereby belittling the dignity of the other ethnic groups. At that time both were abolished Chechen-Ingush Autonomous Soviet socialist Republic, and its population deported – according to the official version, because of the unreliability and collaboration during the great Patriotic war. Stalin knew about the nationalist movements in the Baltic States, Western Ukraine and Western Belarus. Says burdey, this toast was the beginning of the next policy revival of Russian nationalist ideas.

the Historian William pohlebkin was considered Stalin’s toast as the analogy of the Manifesto of the Russian Emperor Alexandra, published in 1812 – so thought William V. Stalin drew Parallels between the two Patriotic wars to emphasize their special importance. But the implication, according to Pokhlebkin, no one could see, mainly in the analysis of the speech of the Supreme Commander were limited to “packaging” of the Soviet people in the main (Russian) and secondary.

according to doctor of historical Sciences Vladimir Nevezhin, serious editing of the text of the speech before sending it to print took Stalin to once again demonstrate his own infallibility, for shifting the blame for the catastrophic failures of the first years of the war in the Soviet government.

What I think journalists and writers

the Candidate of philosophical Sciences, senior researcher of Institute of philosophy Russian Academy of Sciences S. N. Zemlyanoy in his article “the Past that never passes,” published in the Literary Gazette, expresses the opinion that StAlin his toast was forced to recognize the victory in the second world war Russian patriotism (nationalism), and not Communist ideology. With this point of view, joint Chairman of the Union of writers of Russia Valery Ganichev, which in the same newspaper, in the article “Then and now” claimed that Stalin was their toast confirmed the special role of the Russian people in the Victory.

In his book “the Russian people at the turn of the Millennium” scholar and publicist Igor Shafarevich expresses an opinion about the desire of Stalin in such a way to stimulate the national feelings of the Russian people. Though, as did Igor Rostislavovich, this toast was nothing more than an external effect, not affecting the foundations of the current system.

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