History 23/02/20 “For aesthetic reasons”, had said Galina Brezhnev about Raisa Gorbacheva in the TV show

In 1989, the next issue of “the View” was banned on television with the phrase “for aesthetic reasons”. But in fact, the reason of the ban was different: in an interview with “vzglyadom” the daughter of the former Secretary General Galina Brezhnev told some facts from the life of Raisa Gorbachev.

Popular and pursued

“the Look” debuted on Soviet television in 1987. True, at first she wore quite different names, such as “Formal information transfer” or “ASB 4”. According to A. S. and N. katseva. L. Slobodyanyuk, authors of the book “tear of the aorta: history of Russian journalism in the works and persons”, the name “the View” attracted the creators of their duality: a look into the physical understanding and point of view. The fact that all the episodes of the TV show was dedicated to the topical and urgent social issues. According to the broadcasters, the popularity of the “Look” was due to the shortage of information, which suffered Soviet citizens.

However, not everyone liked the publicity, launched “the View”. How to write Alexander Fomin and Vladislav Milenkiy in the publication “50 famous murders”, in 1988, the program disappeared from the airwaves in connection with sharp criticism in its address domestic filmmakers. However, after a couple of months “the View” again appeared on Soviet television. However, the scandals continued to pursue the project. One of the most notorious occurred in 1990. Then, by order of the Chairman of the USSR Gosteleradio Leonid Kravchenko was off the air Christmas edition. Kravchenko thought the holidays are the best time to convict the resignation of Eduard Shevardnadze.

Forbidden interview

However, a year before this came out and another new year’s issue of “Look”. Then in a press there was article under the headings “Inthe sight arrested.” According to Fedor Razzakov, the author of the book “the death of the Soviet TV”, the official reason for this decision was the fact that the program “had a celebratory charge.” However, according to Razzakov, in fact, “the View” refused to broadcast from the condition of the daughter of the former General Secretary of the CPSU of Leonid Brezhnev Galina. “Vzgljadov” allegedly interviewed Galina Brezhneva, who was in a drunken state.

meanwhile, if you believe the author of the book “Grave of Lenin. The last days of the Soviet Empire” by David Remnick, “the View” was canceled altogether with a different wording for a different reason. As Remnick says, the program is not aired “for aesthetic reasons”. And the source of Remnick’s lawyer and publicist Arkadi Vaksberg reports that under the phrase “aesthetic considerations” were hiding too candid interview with Galina Brezhnev. She allegedly said that when her father was still at the helm, Raisa Gorbachev tried to buy him with expensive gifts, which she did, and other family members. One day, according to Galina Leonidovna, Gorbachev gave her an elegant necklace.

it Was or not?

as for the version that is specified by Fyedor Razzakova, it is quite right to exist. As you know, when the country was in the full swing implementation of “Gorbachev’s” anti-alcohol campaign, and the appearance on air drunk Galina Brezhnev could cause a mixed reaction from the audience. In addition, Galina Leonidovna really abused alcoholic drinks. He writes about this in his book “Dynasties, clans and families in Russia. From Lenin to Putin” Leonid Mlechin, and a number of other authors. Brezhnev was fond of alcohol in the period of violent youth and until the end of days was not able to overcome their addiction.

However, this version was refuted Eugene Dodolev, author of “Vlad Leaves & “the Look”. 101 touch to the portrait”, which at the time also led the program “Vzglyad”. ToDolev confidently declares that Galina Brezhneva no interview “vzglyadom” is not allowed. Journalists really tried to agree with her about the conversation, but then Brezhnev was too busy litigation related to the country. The daughter of the former head of the CPSU Central Committee never met with the authors of “Sight”. But the grandson of Leonid Brezhnev Andrey talked with Eugene Dodolev, and this story is no problem aired.

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