Kelly Oubre Jr.’s time with the Golden State Warriors left a bad impression on his family.

The Warriors’ swingman was brought to them by the Western Conference to help improve their 2019-20 season. They fell from the tops of the Western Conference to the bottom. Oubre had some success, but the Warriors lost in the NBA’s new play-in tournament.
Oubre’s father now speaks out about the season, and the “hate”, that his son felt.

Oubre Sr. stated that his son was unfairly blamed for the struggles of Golden State by both the franchise and its supporters.

Oubre Sr. wrote that he was not impressed by the Bay’s hateful comments, given the fact that the team had no long-term plans for Kelly last year or beyond.

Oubre Sr. said that his son had made significant sacrifices for the franchise by playing badly for most of the season.

He said that Kelly played a significant part of last year with an injured wrist. This is never brought up again.”

Oubre Sr. said that his son is happy with the Charlotte Hornets, and that he doesn’t have any problems with his teammates.

He loved his teammates as much as he does now and is happy to play basketball for a coach. He told him that he wanted him for his play, but also because of the professionalism he displayed in times of adversity. He was able to lead and follow.

Oubre averaged 15.4 points per game and 6 rebounds per contest for the Warriors last year, but he failed to be the consistent scoring threat many had hoped. The No. 7 seed was won by the team. The No. 7 seed was largely due to Steph Curry’s MVP-caliber season, but the team lost both of the play-in games.

A disappointing end for Oubre

Oubre was a major commitment by the Warriors during the season. As the deadline neared, the team was still on the fringes of the playoff picture. However, rejected offers for Oubre in the hope that he would be a part of a playoff run. Marc Stein from the New York Times reported that Oubre was offered by the Brooklyn Nets to Spencer Dinwiddie, a former injured guard, in exchange for a contract player.

Poole pointed out that Oubre and the Warriors did not have a happy ending. Oubre was unable to fight through a ligament injury to the left wrist and ended up being forced to sit out. He missed 15 games of the last 20. Oubre was forced to leave the Warriors in the final offseason because there was no playoff run.
Oubre is a solid fit with the Hornets. He averages 16.7 points per contest on a career-high 37.1% three point shooting.