• Erika Jayne was expelled from the embezzlement fraud lawsuit against her estranged husband Tom Girardi
  • According to court filings, both parties had agreed that “dismissal was appropriate”.
  • In an Instagram Story, the “RHOBH” star stated that she would “remember” people who were “against” her.

After her recent legal win, Erika Jayne posted a cryptic message on social media.

The embezzlement lawsuit against Tom Girardi, her husband, was dismissed this week by the star of “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.” In 2020, the former couple were sued for allegedly embezzling settlement money meant to assist victims of the Lion Air Flight 610 accident. Girardi was accused of using the money of his clients to finance their extravagant lifestyle.

Page Six received legal documents Saturday that stated that Jayne had been dismissed from the case. According to another filing obtained by the outlet, both parties agreed that “dismissal was appropriate”.

“Pursuant the stipulation plaintiff’s claims versus defendants EJ Global LLC Erika Girardi were dismissed without prejudice or costs,” reads the document.

Jayne shared Page Six’s report on the ruling via her Instagram Stories. She posted a next post with a photo of herself and the caption “She’s going to remember those who were with him and those who were against”

“Get ’em, EJ,”

Evan Borges, Jayne’s lawyer, released a statement on Saturday after the ruling.

Borges stated in a statement to Page Six, “I would like to see Edelson (and everyone else) take the high road going ahead and not make allegations against Erika without supporting evidence.”

We want Edelson to have the best evidence possible and are open to further investigation. The truth is important. He continued, “The truth is that Erika was not involved in any Lion Air transactions, actions, or inactions between attorneys and clients. She also never received any Lion Air settlement funds.”

Edelson is allowed to re-file in California against Jayne, but the lawyer added that her dismissal from the federal lawsuit that triggered the bankruptcies at Girardi Keese & Tom Girardi was extremely important.”

According to federal court documents, Jayne and Girardi (82) were sued by Edelson PC in December 2020 on behalf of the families affected by the crash of Lion Air Flight 610.

Jayne, who filed for divorce on November 2020, was accused of using Girardi and the “sham” divorcement “to fraudulently shield Tom’s (and Erika’s) money from those seeking to collect on the debts owed Tom and his law company GK.”

Jayne refuted the claims in an episode of RHOBH that aired last summer.

Jayne confessed that divorce is extremely painful, and then to have it called a “sham” is even more so. It took courage to leave, and it took two seconds to get some ass—s to claim it was a scam and for [everyone] to believe it.

Jayne’s lawyer blasted reports this week that Jayne knew Girardi had stolen funds from Girardi to pay for diamond earrings. Borges claimed that Jayne is “completely innocence” in a court filing. Page Six obtained the file Wednesday.

The lawyer stated that Erika did not know that her wealthy husband bought her earrings as a gift 15 years ago. This was to replace an earlier set that she had purchased years before.

According to court documents, Jayne agreed to sell the earrings and transfer them in good faith despite her ignorance.