Ein Gaszähler in einem Keller zeigt den Gasverbrauch für die Heizung und Warmwasser im Haushalt an. Deutschland gehört weltweit zu den Ländern, die am meisten Gas zum Heizen nutzen. Themenbild, Symbolbild 04.02.2022 Foto:xC.xHardtx/xFuturexImage

The Russian side has now said that Ukrainian forces have destroyed the last remaining cable connecting the nuclear power plant with the Ukrainian grid. The plant is currently not supplying electricity to Ukraine, the Tass news agency quoted an administrative official deployed by Russia in the occupied part of the Zaporizhia region as saying. The Russian side had previously said that the nuclear power plant was working “without failures” and was supplying electricity to Ukraine.

Russia has put Ukraine and all Europeans in a situation one step away from a radiation catastrophe.

In a “Peace Appeal” a group of left-wing SPD parties is pushing for a diplomatic offensive to stop the war. In the paper, which is available to “Spiegel”, the authors call for “an armistice as soon as possible as a starting point for comprehensive peace negotiations”. According to the SPD Left, the EU states would have to step up their diplomatic efforts. The exchange should also be intensified with other countries “in order to win them over to a mediating role between the warring parties”. The authors also explicitly mention China with its close ties to Moscow.

The authors also warn of the threat of nuclear war and the delivery of heavy military equipment to Ukraine. With their appeal, the signatories are at odds with parts of the party that are pushing for stronger military support for Ukraine. (tsp)