ESEA Lubnicki: as an accountant was double of Stalin

History 02/01/20 ESEA Lubnicki: as an accountant was double Stalin

About the alleged numerous doubles “the father of all peoples” still go to the most incredible legends. However, the names of many of them to this day remain unknown. However, the editor and publicist Irina Sergievskaya, in his book “the Pantheon of the Kremlin” refers to, at least five of the doubles of Stalin, including a simple accountant, the Evsei Lubnica. How did the lives of Dubnickova after the leader’s death, and how he managed to avoid execution?

a Series of attacks

it is Known that Joseph Stalin has repeatedly organized various assassination attempts. The record for the number of them can be called the 1930-ies. Thus, in 1933, Stalin was twice on the verge of death. If you believe Andrey Artamonov, the author of the book “the sensitive sites of Stalin. Tour classified as “secret”, during a trip to lake Riza, Beria asked the leader to change the car: the alleged “professional bad feelings”.

Stalin followed his advice. Soon after crossing the bridge over the river Lashupse suddenly collapsed deck, and the car fell into the water. A few days Beria was again distinguished by the obscure Joseph Stalin, who was on the boat from the shots from the shore. Shooting by mistake opened the border guards. However, there is a version that both “attempt” rigged Lavrenty Pavlovich in order to curry favor with Stalin.

meanwhile, the crucial role that Stalin decided to get a double, played the story with the chief in 1935. At least, so says the son of a famous intelligence officer Pavel Sudoplatov, Andrew, in his book “the secret life of General Sudoplatov”. According to Sudoplatov, Jr., in the autumn of that year, Stalin came to Georgia to see his mother Ekaterina Dzhugashvili.

However, the visit was short: the fact that the protection of the leader exposed conspiracy in the ranks of the old Georgian Communists, who were convinced that Stalin had betrayed Lenin’s cause. To kill the “father of Nations” the conspirators failed, but it was after this incident, Stalin had the understudy, Evsey Lubnicki.

the Accountant in the role of Stalin

according to Maria Pankova and other authors of the publication “100 famous mysteries of history,” the security staff discovered the double of Stalin in 1935 in the city of Vinnitsa. Then Evsey Lubnicki (according to others Lubezki), which was very similar to Joseph Stalin, worked as a regular accountant. In the same year Lubnicki was delivered to the cottage, located not far from Moscow, where he began work on the preparation of the accountant responsible mission.

In a secret operation attracted beauticians, hairdressers, tailors, and psychologists. All of them, as the authors of these books were subsequently eliminated. In addition, within six months Evsey Dubnickova trained gait, facial expressions and gestures of the leader. According to Dubnickova, his candidature was endorsed by Stalin himself. On this occasion, “Stalin”, even drank some brandy.

the Debut “performance” former accountant went without a hitch. And no wonder: even the head of the NKVD Nikolai Yezhov some time was in the dark about the presence of Stalin’s understudy. What can we say about the members of the delegation of Scottish miners who, for obvious reasons, the Soviet head live never seen. Successfully passing this kind of “baptism”, Evsey Lubnicki became involved in other, more serious events.

He even stood on the balcony of the Mausoleum next to Kaganovich, Molotov, Malenkov and other senior officials. As claimed Lubnicki in an interview with the Montreal newspaper the Gazette, then all the officials were already aware of the fact that Stalin was fake, and looked at the DoppelgangeR with undisguised hatred. Lubnicki linked this attitude with the fact that the majority of members also wanted to acquire reserves.

the Arrest and expulsion Fromrudnyy Asia

However, after a few years the hatred of the party leadership Evsey Lubnicki felt not only in attitudes. According to Irina Sergievskaya, in his book “the Pantheon of the Kremlin”, in 1952, the Stalin impersonator was arrested. The authors of the above mentioned edition of “100 famous mysteries of history” suggest that this arrest was due to “mismatch” Dubnickova “his position”. The fact that Stalin, unlike his understudy, very old, and the difference was too noticeable. Lubnicki was almost sure that he would be shot as an unnecessary witness. But fate decreed otherwise.

at First, Evsey Dubnickova sent to the colony in the far East, and after the death of Stalin deported to Central Asia. It was then, in 1953, Lubnicki and learned that together with specialists who once worked on his appearance and manners, was destroyed and his relatives. And the accountant just before the release from prison took the receipt that he will not leave the Asian country. Therefore, the backup leader in his native Vinnitsa has never returned: he died in Dushanbe in 1981.

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