English player went 30 seconds after three cards

the football Player of English club “Garforth town” Alex Lowe was one of the few players with three cards in 30 seconds of one match. In the meeting of the ninth division of the championship of England against “Bridlington town” he was removed after one attack of the opponent.

within one game of first episode low not without breaking the rules tried to disrupt the opponents attack is still in its initial stage, but the ones left with the ball and continued to attack, and the judge signaled that he will return to this point at the end.

Here’s something you don’t see every day…
The ref gives Garforths’ Alex Low three cards at once 😲 🙋 ♂ app pic.twitter.com/A6a9itEc0O

— Garforth Town AFC (@TheGarforthTown) January 26, 2020

However, Lowe was not going to stop – he rushed to disrupt the attack, “Bridlington”, and near his own penalty with a sliding tackle from behind once again fouled. The referee punished the player two yellow cards for both violations, and showed him and a third red, and removed the offender from the field.