(El Paso) Republican Governor of Texas Greg Abbott on Monday ordered the deployment of hundreds of National Guardsmen to the border with Mexico to deal with an expected influx of migrants, denouncing “chaos” caused by President Joe Biden.

Under the leadership of the Democrat, the US federal state is to lift this weekend “Title 42”, a health measure invoked at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, which allows the immediate deportation of migrants crossing the land border. of the United States, including asylum seekers.

“With Title 42 ending on Thursday, President Biden is rolling out the red carpet for people around the world,” Greg Abbott said in a statement.

The governor and all Republicans are relentlessly attacking Joe Biden, accused of having turned the Mexican border into a sieve.

Greg Abbott announces the mobilization of military helicopters and aircraft as well as “specially trained soldiers for the Texas Border Tactical Force, which will be deployed to border hot spots to help stop and repel large groups of migrants attempting to to enter Texas illegally. ยป

Once ‘Title 42’ is lifted, the US government plans to deter migrants from crossing the border using a range of measures, but US border towns expect thousands of people to try to reach the US starting on Friday.

The Texas cities of El Paso, Brownsville and Laredo have declared a state of emergency locally to increase their means of dealing with the migrants already present, mainly from Latin America. In El Paso, hundreds are sleeping on the streets, on pieces of cardboard.

In prevention of the end of “Title 42”, the Biden administration has deployed 1,500 additional soldiers to support the 2,500 soldiers already assisting the border police.