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According to a media report, Max Eberl’s commitment as sports director of Bundesliga soccer club RB Leipzig is getting closer. An agreement is imminent, the TV broadcaster Sky reported on Tuesday.

The club boss of the cup winner did not want to venture that far. “I can deny everything that has been written. I can deny that we have an agreement with Max Eberl. We are in talks with a candidate, but have not yet come to an agreement,” said RB managing director Oliver Mintzlaff on Tuesday evening in a panel discussion of the “Leipziger Volkszeitung”.

Eberl is considered by the Saxons to be the ideal solution for the position of sports director. The 48-year-old former Gladbach manager resigned from his post in January for health reasons.

However, his contract, which runs until 2026, has not been terminated, it is only on hold. “There is currently no contact, neither by Max Eberl nor by a club,” said Borussia Managing Director Markus Aretz to “Kicker”.

Eberl waived his outstanding salary, reported Sky, Gladbach on a fee. The “Bild”, on the other hand, reported that a free transfer solution was out of the question for Borussia.

After the separation from Markus Krösche, the Saxons have been looking for a sports director for over a year. RB boss Oliver Mintzlaff had repeatedly announced a 1A solution, but postponed the presentation. Mintzlaff had not recently confirmed Eberl’s commitment, but had not explicitly ruled it out either.