04.07.2022, Niederlande, Gieten: An den Traktoren wurden die Kennzeichen abmontiert um eine Strafverfolgung vorzubeugen. Aus Protest gegen geplante Umweltauflagen haben Bauern in den Niederlanden Distributionszentren von Supermärkten blockiert. Mit Traktoren und Heuballen versperrten sie an mehreren Stellen im Land die Zufahrten. Foto: Lars Klemmer/dpa +++ dpa-Bildfunk +++

In protest against planned environmental regulations, farmers in the Netherlands have blocked supermarket distribution centers. With tractors and hay bales, they blocked the access roads in several places in the country on Monday. Some ports have also been blocked by fishermen supporting farmers. As a result, according to the shipowners, the ferries to almost all Wadden Sea islands in the north could not go out.

The shipping companies warned vacationers of long delays. The Central Association of the Food Trade called the blockades unacceptable and warned of supply bottlenecks in shops.

The farmers had announced actions and called for “to paralyze the entire country”. Airports had also prepared for blockades. At first it was quiet there. Traffic was also normal on most roads. The police want to intervene when demonstrators want to block access to Schiphol International Airport near Amsterdam.

In the past few weeks, farmers have repeatedly protested violently against the requirements to reduce nitrogen emissions. Emissions are to be reduced by more than 70 percent in natural areas. According to government estimates, this will lead to the end of around 30 percent of livestock farms.