Holidays, A 34-year-old from Erpe-Mere, belgium) has a Friday morning just before 5 am, a true devastation caused along the Rijselsestraat in the Residence. The institution was to be under the influence of alcohol and hit it with his BMW off the road. It hit him the side of a house and two parked cars. The damage is huge. “Luckily, I passed, at that time, no one with a bicycle, and there is only property damage,” say the residents.

all The inhabitants of the street were awakened by a huge crash, and were able to make their eyes less than you believe. The BMW had the only two parked cars to be completely rammed, shortly before he drove by a front yard of a house, with a brick scheidingsmuurtje demolished. It ended up with the BMW just doesn’t have it in the house, but there is quite a bit of damage to the façade of the building. The mess in the street, over a distance of tens of meters are enormous. As if by magic switched with the 34-year-old officer is without a effectively out of the vehicle. Also, his car is a complete loss. The institution made a positive breath test, it may immediately explain why he is on the track, we. The fire brigade was on the spot to clear the debris.The night-time hours watching the traffic disruption will be limited. There is the owner of the BMW, even with a hefty penalty in the magistrates ‘ court.