Celebrities, as in The case of Jeffrey Epstein continues to be the world’s touching. Now, in the new podcast, ‘Epstein: the Devil in the Darkness’ a lot of new information coming to light, and a lot of witnesses, and for the first time, their experiences of child sexual abuse, accused billionaire has to share. Among others, his personal driver, and his right hand is on his ranch in New Mexico and a former deputy sheriff John Mark Dougan – who was at that time invaded by Epstein – up for the word.

‘Epstein: the Devil in Darkness’, is a 12-part series that claims to be deep, and so far, it was done by a verschillendeleden of the Epsteins closest to them, to speak for itself. In the podcast, the witnesses, some of them for the first time about their experiences, and they provide a glimpse into the dark life of a billionaire. Also, the last few days of Epstein under the microscope, and, as such, the makers say that his career of crime, and doofpotoperaties out.

See also the “Jeffrey Epstein forced me to have sex with prince Andrew when I was 17, it was” have Been the course

“the Beginning was a nickname that had been in the pedo”, has his very own ship. “Because he gave me his young girls are always left to pick up.And this was years before he was arrested.It was rather a joke, as if to say, ” Yes, I’m the pedo resume’. I don’t think I could believe what you had to, even if it is the truth, and that is indeed what has happened.”

“The manner in which I have Epstein think that he would have to meet, John Gotti’s (a notorious American criminal, who became the head of one of the five major New York-based maffiaorganisaties, ed.).did think of it.He was able to do whatever he wanted, whenever he wanted,” the driver continued. “No one could take him because he has money and lots of influence. And he had to take the clothes from the contact with his own. He was capable of anything to control it, to manipulate it, because everyone was afraid of him. No one wants this stuff to come out.”

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