24.06.2022, Berlin: Ein 49-Jähriger, der am 29. August 2020 versucht haben soll, Absperrgitter am Reichstagsgebäude zu überwinden und die Treppen hochzustürmen, steht in einem Saal des Kriminalgerichts Moabit vor dem Richter. Der Angeklagte soll sich in einer Gruppe von etwa 1000 Menschen befunden haben, die nach Auflösung einer Demonstration gegen Corona-Maßnahmen in Berlin-Mitte versucht hätten, das Reichstagsgebäude zu stürmen. Der 49-Jährige habe einen Polizisten beleidigt und einen weiteren geschlagen Das Amtsgericht Tiergarten hatte einen Strafbefehl gegen den Beschuldigten erlassen. Diesen hat der Mann nicht akzeptiert, so dass es nun zur Verhandlung kommt. Foto: Joerg Carstensen/dpa +++ dpa-Bildfunk +++

Almost two years after riots at the Reichstag building, a man has been fined 2,400 euros. The Tiergarten district court found the 49-year-old guilty of insulting and resisting law enforcement officials on Friday.

The insults were “already rough,” said the presiding judge. However, the allegations of attempted bodily harm and physical assault on law enforcement officials were not confirmed. In doing so, the court essentially followed the request of the public prosecutor.

On August 29, 2020, the craftsman was in a group of around 1000 people who had gathered in front of the Reichstag building in the capital after a demonstration against corona measures. Some of the demonstrators later stormed the stairs of the Bundestag, the accused was not one of them.

The craftsman had insulted a police officer as a “traitor to the people” and “idiot”, the judgment said. He had resisted his provisional arrest. However, punches and kicks by the accused in the direction of the police were not proven.

The accused accepted the verdict and said: “Thank you very much, I do not want an appeal.” The 49-year-old had confessed to the crimes that had now been condemned and asked for an apology. In September 2021, the court had initially issued a penalty order for 120 daily rates of 15 euros each against the man.

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He had not accepted this, so that an oral hearing took place. This ended with a higher fine of 80 daily rates of 30 euros each. The background is that the craftsman’s income turned out to be higher than initially assumed by the judiciary.

If the craftsman could not pay the sum and instead had to serve the sentence in prison instead, this would be 80 days instead of the previous 120, as the judge explained. In addition, the 49-year-old does not have a criminal record.