ARCHIV - 18.06.2022, Schleswig-Holstein, Travemünde: Menschen drängen am Bahnsteig in einen Zug. Das 9-Euro-Ticket ermöglicht in den Monaten Juni, Juli und August Fahrten im Öffentlichen Personennahverkehr (ÖPNV) durch ganz Deutschland. (zu dpa «Ein Monat 9-Euro-Ticket: Schleswig-Holstein zieht positive Bilanz») Foto: Thomas Müller/dpa +++ dpa-Bildfunk +++

The federal states are quickly demanding a concept for a follow-up regulation for the nine-euro ticket from Federal Transport Minister Volker Wissing (FDP). “If Minister Wissing wants to have a follow-up ticket ready in September, he should deliver now as soon as possible,” said the chairwoman of the conference of transport ministers, Bremen’s mobility senator Maike Schaefer (Greens), the newspapers of the editorial network Germany on Saturday.

The federal states are basically ready to “take a substantial part”, said Schaefer regarding the financing of a possible new local transport ticket. “The basic prerequisite for such a decision would be facts that Federal Minister Wissing has so far failed to meet.”

There are many unanswered questions: “How expensive would a follow-up ticket be? Is it nationwide? How high should the country share be?“

The nine-euro ticket is valid for one month in regional and local transport throughout Germany. It was introduced for June, July and August and is part of the government relief packages intended to compensate for the increased energy and fuel prices for citizens.