Jupiler Pro League, Philippe and Clement have each of the three days, to make choices, and that not everyone is in everyone is happy with that. In this way, the women of the Green Fox on Wednesday to her displeasure, then, when the rush hour, even in Francs Borains not a minute was: “I don’t, my players will not be happy to do so, they said, this afternoon, at the coach of the Club.

“It doesn’t cost anything to have someone to treat with respect.” With this message on Instagram did Audry He, wife of Jelle Vossen, and her unease show as her husband, even in the bekermatch at Francs Borains, no move received. The peak is at a dead end at the Club, and that makes the house of the Foxes, apparently, to the necessary tension of the “I have a very difficult job,” came Philippe Clement back in an hour. “I have 27 players and the 15 people in the team. If I have all of the social media for their women to follow, and there are just not enough hours in a day. I’ve had over the last few months, a couple of times talking with the Green. He has to be in the story, he will have to work hard, and to be available to the group.”