Germany's health minister wants to press forward with procuring coronavirus vaccine equipment for 2022, rather at the European Union level but when mandatory nationwide Germany's health minister wishes to press forward with procuring coronavirus vaccine equipment for 2022, rather at...
In a new, 212-m edition of the project NGS "I Park like a freak": the behavior of owners of expensive SUVs, the complaints of readers to the traffic police and Parking armoured cars. Not forget to send in your...
Police dispersed protesters in a Sunday protest in Hungary's capital where employees in the nation's struggling hospitality industry demanded civil disobedience and a rethinking of coronavirus lockdown limitations. Organizers of the protest onto a central square in Budapest known for...
A group of Senate Republicans called on President Joe Biden to fulfill them at the negotiating table since the recently elected president indicated that he could proceed to pass on a new $1.9 trillion coronavirus help package with Democratic...
The Democratic push to boost the national minimum wage to $15 an hour has emerged as a early flashpoint in the struggle to get a 1.9 trillion COVID-19 relief package, analyzing President Joe Biden's capacity to bridge Washington's partisan...
Mexico's pandemic-hit market plummeted 8.5percent in 2020 Mexico's pandemic-hit market plummeted 8.5percent in 2020, the biggest single-year fall since 1932 and also the next successive year of economic contraction. Mexico's gross domestic product grew 3.1percent in the last few months of...
American Airlines has seen its stock rise this week because it got caught up in chaos between small investors and market traders That Are betting against the Business American Airlines' stock climbed before this week during market volatility around struggling...


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Bosnia Serbs honor Contentious Nobel Literature winner

Bosnian Serbs have admired the contentious 2019 Nobel Literature Prize winner Peter Handke, Who's known for his apologist perspectives over Serb war crimes throughout...