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There is a number to repeat the Erich Staake not tired is: 30,000 jobs. So many Jobs were created under his Aegis in and around the port of Duisburg around, since he was brought in 20 years...
THE TIME: Mr. Oettinger, we saw on Sunday in the European elections, the destruction of the CDU? Select your access to and read directly. Digital-access All items on TIME ONLINE free, THE TIME as an App,...
THE TIME: Mr Lehne, if you believe the campaign speeches of the critics of the EU, then Brussels is a corrupt Juggernaut, the vast amounts of tax money squandered and his officials absurdly high salaries are paid....
What do you do when the future of the country should suddenly pass through the own front yard? If it threatens to tear the land by plowing, the party scales down the trail to cross? Select...
The East German economy has gained from the point of view of the Federal Association of German industry (BDI) since the fall of the wall strong. "After the reunification, the gross domestic product amounted to per head...
Contents page 1 — "I don't control my employees, I trust them" page 2 — "The time clock is a wonderful instrument of control" On a page The European court of justice has held that: an employer must...
Guido Kerkhoff had a Plan. The new Chairman of the Board of the industrial group Thyssenkrupp wanted to split the company: in two-one for technology and one for materials. The a joint-stock company should remain part of...


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