The International Energy Agency stated Wednesday that methane from coal, oil and gas production is significantly more than government claims.

According to the Paris-based agency, 70% of global emissions are higher than what is reported by governments. It stated that if all leaks were closed, the methane would be sufficient to supply Europe’s entire power sector.

It stated that the findings highlighted “the urgent need to enhance monitoring efforts and strengthen policy action in order to reduce emissions of this potent greenhouse gas.”

Experts believe methane is responsible almost for a third the temperature rise that has occurred since industrial revolution. However, methane is more stable than carbon dioxide and remains in the atmosphere for much less time.

It is essential to reduce methane emissions quickly in order to limit future warming.

According to the IEA, its Global Methane Tracker Report shows that emissions from the energy sector increased by nearly 5% last year. According to the IEA, methane leakage was approximately 180 billion cubic meters of natural gasoline.

The IEA stated that this is the equivalent of all the gas used by Europe’s power sector, and more than enough to ease market tightness.”

Fatih Birol (executive director of the agency) called for more transparency regarding the location and size of methane emissions.

Experts are now able to pinpoint large emission sources using satellites, but the areas north, far north, and offshore are not well covered.

According to the IEA, India, China, Russia, Iran, and the United States have the highest levels of emissions.