The Rally this Past weekend and won with Sébastien Ogier in the rally of Turkey, Frenchman, and placed them back in the race for the world title. He now has 17 points in less than Ott Tänak, who is the hero of the summer. But what’s up with Thierry Neuville, the belgian, who is the season’s beautifully first started, but ever since his heavy crash in Chile, but once in front of the stage? He can still become world champion?

Let’s start with a positive and Neuville, indeed, even the title is obtained. He has 30 points in less than a Tänak (210 vs 180), and there are still ninety points will be divided. As long as something is mathematically possible, then it is possible. Each game will be 25 points awarded to the winner, and five points which is second in the Powerstage in the shortest amount of time leaves drop. That means that a maximum of 30 points, for those who are truly inspired by something in Neuville, this season… it wasn’t me. Tänak won three times in the ‘30’s, and Ogier, is.

Neuville. it not only has the math on his side, but it is also the startorde. And Wales), Spain (first day off), and Australia, there are three races where a third of the way to rise is definitely not a disadvantage, rather the opposite. In the past season consisted of Neuville after the Turkey and 23 more points than the number three,… and Sébastien Ogier, and yes, to those who were there at the end of the season for the world champion?

< / i> and, Last but not least, , we saw-this – and-last-year – several times already, is how unpredictable the championship is. A sudden plotwijzigingen are numerous, and, therefore, it will indeed be a long wait before we of the world this season, to know, possibly even to the very last trial of the season in down under in Australia. Just think about the relative vulnerability of the Toyota, which is Tänak this season, a lot of the points cost, and with the manner of a flat tyre, which we have already seen. The service life of the Heat may also be to the advantage of the German-speaking Belgians to play with.