High-ranking Bundeswehr General Martin Schelleis has warned of serious military dangers for Germany. “We are acutely threatened and attacked,” said the lieutenant general of the “Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger” on Friday.

“Basically, we are already at war: war in the information space, cyber attacks.” Schelleis is inspector of the armed forces base and national territorial commander of the Bundeswehr.

As “realistic scenarios” the lieutenant general named “selective attacks on critical infrastructure, for example by special forces, with drones or speed boats, to disrupt our livelihoods, including with military means”. “We’re not well positioned for that,” warned Schelleis. “Unfortunately, you have to say that.”

In addition, according to the commander, there are threats such as a possible attack with ballistic missiles that Russia had stationed in the Kaliningrad area. “They have now been withdrawn because of the Ukraine war, but they will certainly come back there,” he said. “These rockets could easily reach Berlin. From the point of view of Putin, attempts at blackmail are easy to imagine.”

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