Bibi Aisha: how he fought against the Russian woman-dushman

History 29/12/19 Photo: medina-center.Habibi Aisha: how he fought against the Russian woman-dushman

In Russia, the dove is considered a symbol of peace. In his own way wanted peace and the Afghan girl nicknamed Kaftar (“dove”), which took up the gun, while still a teenager. The path to a peaceful life, as she believed, is simple: leave the Soviet soldiers and not war. Future warlord Kattar did not know how cruelly she was wrong.

the chief’s Daughter

In history there were many heroic women who, in difficult times, defended their Motherland equally with men. Everyone knows the names of the Chinese Hua Mulan, the French Jeanne d’arc and the Russian “cavalry maiden” Nadezhda Durova. However, for the Islamic countries, where women’s role is strictly regulated by religion, such examples are rare.

Bibi Aisha was born in the North of Afghanistan, in Baghlan province. Her father, the village chief (of) Haji dawlat, enjoyed great influence in their areas. He had 7 wives, 10 children and a considerable fortune. In 1960-70-ies between the mountain tribes often clashed, and Bibi Aisha defended the interests of his kind, along with the sons of Haji dawlat. She confessed that the first murder was committed at the age of 14 years. However, to shoot the girl at the time could not – she learned only after 1979, during the 10-year confrontation with the Soviet army. The family of Haji dawlat has supported the “rebels” as they were called Communist propaganda. Along with patriotism and commitment to Islam on the path of the Russian opposition of the Afghans pushed material considerations. Socialist government was associated with the collective farm construction – for the rich villagers like Haji dawlat, the socialization of property meant ruin.

“I Remember his first Russian”

“I remember his first Russian. It was the beginning of the occupation, he was commando. He was close to me. Young man. IStrella it,” said Bibi Aisha, which from the beginning of the war became known as Kaftar.

Using the influence of his father and husband, a merchant shad Muhammad, a woman led a detachment of 1200 Mujahideen, mostly composed of her relatives and neighbors. Cruel and imperious, Kaftar toured the mountains on horseback and shot at full gallop. Half sisters she made personal telohranitelya. She Kaftar obeyed the famous “Panjshir lion”, the leader of the Mujahideen Ahmad Shah Massoud.

Despite the command of the detachment, Kaftar continued to have children (she had 12 sons and daughters). The woman in the shawl who looked up to the teenage daughter aroused the suspicions of the Soviet soldiers, and those without problems were missed at the checkpoint, not knowing who you are dealing with.

Two sons and brother Kaftar died in the war. However, the 201st motorized rifle division, stationed in Baghlan, “dove” caused enormous damage. Especially bloody was the battle for Kelagai here, as recalled Bibi Aisha, the Mujahideen killed so many Russians that they had to drop into the river. About a female warrior spoke with admiration even in Kabul, the center of the official Pro-Soviet authorities.

When he left “shuravi”

After the departure of the “soldiers-internationalists” from Afghanistan to the world in this country has not come. Kaftar several times had to defend the valley of Darispan from the radical Islamists of the Taliban. When here in the late 1990-ies tried to invade a Mullah Tanks, Bibi Aisha made fun of it. Fear of shame, the Taliban did not fight with a woman.

a Personal tragedy for Kaftar was the death in 2001, commander Ahmad Shah Massoud. But soon after, under the blows of the international coalition fell, the government of the Taliban, it seemed that the old order came to an end. According to the program of demilitarization of the Afghan authorities deprived the status Kaftar commander and disarmed her. The only reliable force able to protect her mother left her sons. Meanwhile, enemies from Kaftar not diminished. A woman fears newth coming of the Taliban, which it can have nothing to oppose. In recent years, Bibi Aisha admitted that I’m not so sure of the correctness of their life – she’s probably at the time should have remained a housewife and not to attract attention.

Timur Sagdiyev

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