Berlin has taken in another 108 Syrian refugees from Lebanon. They arrived in the capital on Wednesday, as announced by the Senate Department for Integration, Labor and Social Affairs.

This includes several families who need major medical assistance and several children with severe hearing impairments. Following a decision by the House of Representatives last year, the state of Berlin began working with the United Nations refugee agency.

The first 100 Syrian refugees were admitted in December as part of the country’s new humanitarian admission program.

The program is aimed at Syrian refugees with special protection needs who cannot be adequately cared for in Lebanon.

No country in the world has taken in as many refugees from Syria in relation to its own population as Lebanon, according to the social administration. In addition, the country itself is struggling with a severe supply crisis.

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“I am very pleased that we can now offer security to another 108 Syrian refugees from Lebanon, including many children with a painful escape history,” said Senator for Social Affairs Katja Kipping (left).