ARCHIV - 18.05.2021, Bayern, München: Glasfaserkabel stecken in einem Rechenzentrum vom bayerischen Landeskriminalamt (BLKA) in einem Netzwerk-Switch. (Symbolbild zu «Firmen: Digitalisierung vorantreiben wichtigste Aufgabe für Regierung») Foto: Matthias Balk/dpa +++ dpa-Bildfunk +++

There was a data breach at the Berlin State Office for Citizen and Regulatory Affairs (LABO). As the Senate administration announced on Friday, the data protection authority was informed on the same day.

The breach of data protection occurred between the beginning of May and July 4th when working with a technical service provider for the civil status register. 72 people were affected. These were informed by the state office. According to the interior administration, there was no access to the register itself, which contains personal data such as birth or the date and place of marriage.

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According to the information, the data protection violation is due to the service provider’s system. If there were error messages in the software of the electronic civil status register, the state office reported this to the company.

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