The Berlin police do not want to allow a protest concert planned for Thursday afternoon on the A100 city motorway. Instead, the authority assigned the applicants a different meeting place.

The police decision, which is available to the Tagesspiegel, refers to the “risk forecast” that would be associated with an event on the A100 at the planned time. On the other hand, the concert could take place on the much less busy A103, near the Saarstraße junction.

Originally, the group “Lebenslaute” wanted to protest against the extension of the A100 on Thursday around 4:30 p.m. on the Tempelhof driveway to the city motorway. The time and place were deliberately chosen: in the afternoon rush hour, they wanted to use the protest concert to draw maximum attention to the action. 100 musicians were to perform compositions by Joseph Haydn, Franz Schubert and Rio Reiser under the motto “Make music instead of concreting – traffic turnaround now – stop the A100”.

A spokeswoman for the group “Lebenslaute” said that further steps were reserved against the decision of the police. The citizens’ initiative A100 also criticized the actions of the police. The so-called ease of road traffic is “given greater weight than the right of assembly,” said a spokeswoman.

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Background: Road law provides that the safety and ease of traffic must be guaranteed. The police referred to this in their ban on the heavily frequented A100. Ease means that no road user should be hindered more than is unavoidable under the circumstances.

Thursday’s concert was planned as part of the week of action against motorway construction, which runs until Friday 5 August. For Tuesday, the action group invites you to a pre-concert in the Kreuzberg Taborkirche.