As the Romanovs punished younger brother Alexander II for stealing diamonds

History 17/02/20 As the Romanovs punished the younger brother of Alexander II during the diamond Heist

known As the Imperial Romanov family were quite numerous. The number of its members by 1917 consisted of up to 60 people. Most of them were quite decent people. But, one of the great princes once disgraced the Royal family, down to the banal theft!

a Fatal affair

One of the most charismatic members of the Romanov family, characterized by a refined male beauty was the Grand Duke Nikolai Konstantinovich, a grandson of Nicholas I and brother of Alexander II. While its closest relatives ruled the Empire, young Nicholas Shine on the ball. When the young man was considered one of the largest in the country. He with honors graduated from the Academy of the General staff and could become one of the outstanding Russian military commanders. But the Grand Duke killed a woman, pushing on the path of theft and Vice. One of the balls Nicholas, to his misfortune, met the American dancer Fanny Lear, distinguished not only rare beauty, but also a stranglehold of the American. Having captivating Grand Duke, the woman soon became his mistress, and at the court talking about the possibility of a controversial marriage that should be prevented. As the first tool I decided to try war. The Grand Duke twenty-three years old, who had the rank of Colonel, was sent with an expeditionary force to Khiva. Returned the young man with honors and the order of Vladimir of the III degree. But the very next day he, taking with him the beloved dancer, has left for a tour of Europe. During the trip, the woman demanded more and more luxurious gifts. The Grand Duke wasn’t anything to deny, but soon felt that the money has been noticeably missed. The parents legally have limited his opportunities to put his fortune to the wind.

the noble Thief of KROWai

If the parents of the Grand Duke knew what the outcome of their stubbornness, they would have to think ten times before to deprive the youth of opportunities to spend his own money. 14 APR 1874 in St. Petersburg, there was a loud theft. Were stolen the diamonds from the frame of an icon, which Nicholas I blessed the parents of Nicholas Roerich to the marriage. The police were called. The investigation was headed personally by the chief of gendarmes count Shuvalov. However, the investigation quickly stalled. A doctor, a maid, two footmen and a lady-in-waiting, for his many years of work have earned full trust. Thought to members of the Grand Ducal family, no one dared. Then the police decided to unroll the tangle from the other end. They checked pawn shops and the city soon found the missing diamonds. It turned out that the gems brought to the pawnshop slave Nicholas Roerich officer of his retinue. The man was immediately arrested and with passion questioned. Revealed really shocked the police. Diamonds handed to him personally, Nicholas Roerich, and the money was supposed to be spent on gifts to the American dancer. The family questioning the Grand Duke not only did not deny it, but did not repent of their deeds. The Romanovs were in shock: a member of the family by the thief to Rob their own parents.

Fair punishment

as punishment, Nicholas was struck from the family list, stripped of all titles, status, rights to inheritance and were forbidden to live in St. Petersburg, to top it all off by declaring mentally ill. The ill-fated dancer also with the shame expelled from the country. It should be noted that, left the capital, Nicholas felt good, founded in Tashkent successful business. He belonged to halls of cinema, malovany plant, a cotton processing factory.

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